Cancer patients and their families were in need of an online support community that allowed them the same functionality as mainstream social media. WhatNext wanted to provide them this survice. After working with other designers, the WhatNext product was close to complete, but performing poorly in user tests. I was brought on to rework the workflows and design of the heavier pages including facebook-like profiles, journey pages (where members told their stories using drag and drop timelines) and media pinboards. While all workflows should be intuitive, in the case of these users ease was absolutely key. The goal was to smoothly connect users to relevant information and each other without overwhelming them.

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Individual Profile Pages

The site included profile pages where the user had the ability to upload media, share thoughts and ask questions of specialists.

WhatNext included continuous scroll Pinboards where users could add images, songs and inspiration quotes to share with one another.

The Journey page was more unique to WhatNext. It included a large library patient milestones that the user could drag and drop in place to follow their journey through treatment. These journey’s, depending on user preference setting, also informed relevant patients of treatment test studies that they might be interested participating in.