Novetta Mission Analytics | ELLIE KRYSL | UX DESIGN

Novetta Mission Analytics is a web application that provides users with insight into the social and political climate of an area. By correlating multiple data feeds, nma is able to identify patterns, measuring influence, rhetoric, sentiment and behavior of individuals and groups in a geographical area.

The Challenge: The prior version of the application had much of functionality broken into multiple tabs. User observations showed that the current workflows were so unintuitive and rigid and nearly all operators used other applications, including competitors in conjunction so as to reach the information they needed.

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The Solution and My Role

Applications before redesign

After Redesign

Working closely with the nma development team and product owner, as well as the vp of product design, I created a large set of high-fidelity wireframes that combined functionality from multiple tabs into one location and took the user through an intuitive visualization building workflow. I also incorporated greater flexibility and customization options. The final 90+ page wireframe set became the basis of product plan going forward. It was broken up into epics and individual features, each to be added and explored further. The wireframes were then handed off to the senior user experience designer who joined the team with my role remaining as director with daily reviews.

Notes: As part of the redesign of the application, a new style was introduced requiring a style guide to allow designers and developers to move more swiftly through feature building without the guess work. 

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Applications Used.

a custom Balsamiq library, pushing the application far beyond its initial purpose