Entity Explorer | ELLIE KRYSL | UX DESIGN

Novetta entity explorer is an advanced entity analytics tool that moves beyond just entity resolution to unlock visual connection between entities and allows deep dive drill-ins to the underlying information behind those entities and connections.

The Challenge: A number of novetta applications had been built previously to reach the level of exploration the industry was aiming for, unfortunately these applications had other goals as well that did not fully align with the explorer portion of the interaction. Beyond that, none of the prior applications had been built with user experience input and did not follow best practices.

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The Solution and My Role

Before Redesign


After Redesign

Working with the leadership team of the prior applications along with the product and design team, I created a set of high-fidelity wireframes that allowed users to take a complex search (developed by vp of product design and senior user experience designer) and created extremely flexible visualizations that the user can interact with, filter, reorganize, switch chart type and export to a report. 

Notes: This application was developed to be data agnostic and was later explored as an addition to another novetta analytics product. the integration was smooth within the other application was amazingly smooth and the product interaction cohesive.

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Applications Used

a custom Balsamiq library, pushing the application far beyond its initial purpose