A client came to Novetta wanting to integrate their airborne sensor system into the preexhisting isr application offered by the company. The sensor system included the building of imaging paths in a geopgraohic area and multiple versions of image capturing. The system also included the ability to string together these builds into flight plans.

The Challenge: The airborn sensor system software that allowed the builds and flight plans was proprietary and the main resource provided was a partially redacted user guide. Beyond that, the system included set flows that needed to be integrated into a well-established ISR application with differing workflows and control panel layouts.

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The Solution and My Role

As lead product designer on this project, I studied the partially redacted user guide as well as met with developers and pilots who had been allowed observation time with the system. I took the insights derived from those interactions and other gathered research to develop multiple workflows including five faceted image capture plan building workflows, a workflow to group those plans into a flight and the ability to run that flight with real-time feedback covering the success or failure of the image capturing. These flows were reviewed internally and then presented to the air-force client.


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Applications Used

a custom Balsamiq library, pushing the application far beyond its initial purpose