Ageon is a web application that delivers command, control and communications capabilities for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions worldwide. Ageon operators require that the application be extremely feature dense, flexible and intuitive so they can quickly asses a situation in real-time as well as forensically across the globe.

The Challenge: The prior version of the application had been in use by multiple clients for over a decade, but the product had become outdated and lacked modern intuitive workflows that the users were coming to expect. Features were often buried; the interactions inconsistent and users complained that control windows covered the main viewing area.

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The Solution and My Role

Before Redesign


After Redesign

In collaboration with the VP of Product Design, I created observation and research driven workflow solutions for deeply complicated user tasks. At the core of all decisions was providing faster speed and agility to the operator. I gathered requirements, conceptualized a user-flow, created high-fidelity wireframes with annotations, and reviewed with both product design and dev. teams.

Notes: In 2016 I personally developed nearly 300 pages of wireframes for this application, created a library of over 200 custom icons and collaborated on over 60 features and sub-features


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Applications Used.

a custom Balsamiq library, pushing the application far beyond its initial purpose